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Bisbee’s Table was established originally as Bisbee Grille in February 2001 under the partnership of the Page family who also operates Santiago’s Mexican, San Ramon Hotel and Bisbee Coffee Co.  The location was originally Cafe Maxi’s before 1996. Brothers Rob, Michael, Ed and Bobby accepted the vacant space in 2000 to help provide an additional anchor in the old Phelps-Dodge Mercantile, a decision that has help provide jobs for over 85 people and successfully anchored the building.

We have employed 5 Chefs in the past 15 years: Linda Wymbs, Enrique Alcantar, Karina-Franco Batty, Danielle Cardella and most recently Rebecca McMahon all bringing evolution and expertise to the restaurants. Originally focused on a Tex-Mex style of cooking with white table cloths and a fine-dining flare.  9/11 changed a great deal of the “fine-dining” scene in Bisbee.  A more “new American” casual menu was introduced in 2002 and it has evolved to emphasize big bold flavors and comfort foods in a more relaxed environment.

A name change took effect in 2010 as we re-constructed the look and feel of the restaurant to include a more evolved menu and larger bar scene and to escape the burden of “Grille” in the future of the restaurant, Bisbee’s Table was born of an idea that “all are welcome to our Table”.  He started, as usual, with the music. Goodbye Frank Sinatra and Tommy Dorsey, hello Jared & the Mill, Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors and a more hip/folk vibe could be felt evolving.  Rob was also seen taking a sledge hammer to the microwaves.

In addition to a new 25ft. marquee neon sign, a new bar was constructed by Satori Builders in place of the small service bar that included five elevated bar tables and two giant television screens and 6 beer taps along with new wines and more attention to whiskeys and craft cocktails.  The menu also got a revamping under Chef Dani Cardella with new Thai items, Fish, savory burger toppings and the addition of a new herb garden outside the kitchen.

More recently, Tavolo Pizza was added as an expansion concept appurtenant to the kitchen in 900 square feet of the former Visitor’s Center. Pizza was the number one most requested menu item and ignoring it would have been a problem.  Guests can better see the evolution of the name change through this new concept and those that follow in the next few years.  “Evolution is my idea of sustainability, you are either growing or inviting death, there is no grey area in restaurant management”, says Rob.  Many would agree, the restaurants are always busy.

For more information please email Rob@bisbeecoffee.com or follow this blog!

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